PMP Certification

Didn’t post much this weekend, other than getting the rest of the Christmas stuff put away and some laundry, my weekend was filled with studying this behemoth:










Earlier this year, my company was putting together a budget for training and asked if anyone had any training requirements to add to the budget. I recommended this training and certification to my boss in 2012 as a way to compensate for the pay cuts we took in order make the company more competitive in our proposals. The budget was approved with this training in it for the two of us. We took a week long “boot camp” training class week before Christmas. Normally they suggest you take the certification test as soon as possible after the training class while the information is fresh in your brain, but with the holidays that wasn’t possible. Think it might be better, I wouldn’t have been ready to take the 200 question test.

So, tomorrow morning, we head over to a nearby test center and take the lovely 4 hours test. I’ve been studying over the past few weeks, learning the process, terms, definitions, inputs and outputs. I think I’ve done everything that I can to ensure I pass, but who knows. Good thing the place I took the training class through has a money back guarantee and pays for retests. If I pass I’ll be certified. They say getting a PMP Certification gets you a 10% raise, just not in the job you’re in. But adding this to the MBA I already have will make my resume stand out more should (When?) I have to look for another job this or next year.

Wish me luck.



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