10 January 2014

Weird night last night. At some point my alarm went “off”, or at least I thought it did. My alarm is set for 5:30am to get up and get ready to hit the gym. I got up, turned the alarm off (my normal Friday routine since I don’t set it on the weekends) went in the bathroom and started getting ready. My oldest, the Specialist, came running down the hall into our bedroom (which, because of his Autism, he does pretty much every night about 2am-ish). At that point I had put my contacts in, gotten dressed in my gym gear, brushed my teeth. I heard a knock on the door, though it was my oldest (at this point I thought something was off, but I couldn’t be sure). I left the bathroom and checked the clock on my wife’s side of the bed, staring at me in the face was a big red 2:10, as in 10 past 2 in the morning, as in O’dark hundred…turns out it was my wife that knocked on the bathroom door, she gets up when our son rolls into the room, to see if I was OK. So needless to say I went back to bed until the alarm went off 3 hours later.

This has happened in the past, especially when I have to get up for an event or something (i.e. travelling for work and have to get up for a flight). I wake up, look at the clock, “see” a time that isn’t real (it being fuzzy due to having poor vision doesn’t help) and in my still somewhat sleeping mind think it is a different time. Up until this past November, my wife left her phone in the bathroom charging overnight. We don’t have a house phone, only cell phones so if someone called at night he phone would be there and we would hear it ring. If this happens and I felt something was off, I would check her phone for the time, realize it was early morning and go back to bed. She keeps her phone down stairs charging so there isn’t any way to tell there what time it is.

Needless to say I was a bit tired this morning and it reflected in my workout. I just did cardio this morning. Warm up, dynamic stretching then did Tabata Box Jumps (8 rounds of 20 seconds jumps and 10 seconds rest) then did 20 minutes steady state cardio, 4.5 MPH at 4% incline. Then I did some core work, crunches with 25lbs plate behind my head, 3 60 sec planks, hanging knees to elbows. That was enough for the day. Hoping to get a run in this weekend too. Weather is supposed to be better, upper 60s tomorrow, amazing that just earlier this week we had a low of 12…


About DavieO

A 45-yr old (in 2015) guy that is living down south, problem is I'm from New England. Got a wife, three kids (one with autism, the other two are twins (but neither are in curls)), and a dog. We are living the good life, just barely. I'm hoping to use this as a creative outlet, being able to write about things I see, hear, view and like and things going on in my life at that point. Could be about fitness, eating, baseball, football, kids, home, life, cooking (my other creative outlet), and anything else I find amusing, interesting, or just have a few (or many) comments on.
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