Short and Sweet

This will be a quick hit, I was in a meeting today and didn’t get a chance to write anything. And yes, in case you are wondering, I usually write my posts at work in the morning when I’m fresh from my workout and awake. Today it was gym, work, straight into meeting, working lunch, then home. My wife had to work tonight so I’m on kid dinner/shower duties this evening, but to continue my daily writing I carved out time to put a few words down.

My workout was good, but short. I didn’t add anything to my two sets (because of the meeting I had to get to the office earlier this morning). Did a quick full body dynamic warm up then got into my lifts:

Deadlift – bit more than Monday, 275×5, 315×1 (seeing 3-45lb on each side of the bar for the first time was nice), 335×1, 215×15.
Military Press: 105×5, 125×1, 135×1, 90×18

Ate pretty good yesterday, on the way home I got a rotisserie chicken, had about 5 oz of thigh and breast meat paired with brown rice and some steamed broccoli. Actually bought two, one for dinner last night and one to pull apart and take to work this week, such a cheap way to get lean protein over the week. Over all my body is taking the brunt of the extra workouts and additional weights. My inner tendon on my elbow has been bothering me (mild golfer’s elbow). I have a elbow strap I wear that helps a lot. I’m also thinking about adding some glucosamine to see if that helps some. 

Next week is my last week of doing the alternating days of deadlift/military press and bench/row. I’m planning my next routine now, thinking of an upper/lower split (3 days upper, 2 days lower). Or I may try a kettlebell workout I found recently, tweaking it some to fit what I want. Stay tuned.   

Have some laundry to finish this evening, then some house work. Tomorrow should be interesting, I have to take two of my kids to my in-laws house in the morning so I won’t be hitting the gym, but I aligned stuff at work today to allow me to hit the gym at lunch so I can keep the chain going.

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A 45-yr old (in 2015) guy that is living down south, problem is I'm from New England. Got a wife, three kids (one with autism, the other two are twins (but neither are in curls)), and a dog. We are living the good life, just barely. I'm hoping to use this as a creative outlet, being able to write about things I see, hear, view and like and things going on in my life at that point. Could be about fitness, eating, baseball, football, kids, home, life, cooking (my other creative outlet), and anything else I find amusing, interesting, or just have a few (or many) comments on.
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