Lunch time success

I was able to keep the workout chain going for another day. Left work at 11, got to the gym at 11:15, out on the floor warming up at 11:20 and in the shower at 12:00 and back at the office at 12:20 eating lunch. Did my Bench/Row workout and hit the same weights I hit on Tuesday.

Lunch was more leftover chicken with some steamed veggies. Then settled into the grind of the afternoon. About 30 minutes until go-home time…can’t come soon enough.  


About DavieO

A 45-yr old (in 2015) guy that is living down south, problem is I'm from New England. Got a wife, three kids (one with autism, the other two are twins (but neither are in curls)), and a dog. We are living the good life, just barely. I'm hoping to use this as a creative outlet, being able to write about things I see, hear, view and like and things going on in my life at that point. Could be about fitness, eating, baseball, football, kids, home, life, cooking (my other creative outlet), and anything else I find amusing, interesting, or just have a few (or many) comments on.
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