Friday fun

Felt fantastic today and my workout results showed. I was up earlier than usual, 5:15am, my Sleep Cycle app said my sleep quality was only 60%, but the graph showed a nice 90 minute cycle that ended at just about 5 AM. When my alarm went off at 5:15 I woke feeling refreshed and not groggy at all. I was able to get to the gym and out on the floor by 6:15 so I had more time and used that time to its fullest.

My two lifts, Deadlift and Military Press were at the same weights as on Wednesday, but I felt much stronger than I did on my last deadlift session. On Wednesday I did 335 for one rep and struggled at the top of the rep. Today I pulled through that weight easy and felt I could do an additional clean rep. The military press was the same, I did the same weight on the final set, but was able to press out 20 clean. I’m definitely adding weight to both on Monday.

After those two lifts I ran through an arm workout. With my alternating workouts my arms get plenty of work, the four exercise work arms in addition to the primary body parts they target. But I was feeling strong and it’s Friday and very nice weather here (supposed to be mid 80s with low humidity today) I felt it was a “Sun out, guns out” type of day. I used the same protocol I use on the other lifts and did hammer curls (45×5, 55×1, 60×1, 35×15) and rope press downs (130, 150, 165, 95). Then, because my legs felt strong I did a quick round of back squats. I did 135×10, 165×5, 185×5, 205×5, 135×15). I don’t do back squats, since I have a slight knee problem, but I didn’t have any pain. I think the deadlifts have been helping me strengthen my knees. I think I’m going to add two days of squats starting next week, probably Tuesday and Thursday. I’ll do a 5×5 routine with a drop set. I finished the morning with a core (my least favorite thing to do) routine. Great hour in the gym.

Eating has been better, I’m on my 6th days straight of not snacking at night and eating cleaner during the day. However I’m a bit disappointed in the results so far. Friday is my official weigh-in day and today wasn’t inspiring in that area. Since I weigh myself when I get up I’m happy that it didn’t have a negative effect on my workout (or maybe that’s what motivated me through it?). I was at 208.2 this morning. I was hoping to see the 206 range. Could be added muscle plus the creatine doing that Oh well, I’ll just keep on plugging away. I feel leaner and stronger, that’s what counts.

This is Day 6 of 49.


About DavieO

A 45-yr old (in 2015) guy that is living down south, problem is I'm from New England. Got a wife, three kids (one with autism, the other two are twins (but neither are in curls)), and a dog. We are living the good life, just barely. I'm hoping to use this as a creative outlet, being able to write about things I see, hear, view and like and things going on in my life at that point. Could be about fitness, eating, baseball, football, kids, home, life, cooking (my other creative outlet), and anything else I find amusing, interesting, or just have a few (or many) comments on.
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