Monday, Monday

After my technology disaster this weekend I was happy to get back into the gym and pick up heavy things and put them back down again. Today was Deadlift and Military Press day. For my Deadlift I tried something different, using a Trap Bar. This is a trap bar:

I read an article about how this is actually a better way to deadlift, an judging from this morning I think it’s correct, at least for me. I felt more centered over the weight and was able to push through my heels better and didn’t feel like my lower back was on the verge of straining like it is when I’m lifting heavier weight. The article said you could also squat like this, just change from pushing off your heels to pushing off the balls of your feet. I tried a couple at 225# and I could feel it in my thighs and glutes so maybe it would work as well. I was able to load the same 335# I did last week and was able to lift that without issue, thinking I could do 355#, which I will try on Wednesday.

After that I was feeling good so I increased my weight on my Military Press, I did 100×5, 125×1, 135×1, 90×15. I’ll hold at that weight for this week.

I followed both of those up with 10 rounds of 5 strict pull ups and 10 Russian Kettlebell swings with no rest in between. I was pretty much a puddle on the floor after that.

Good way to start the week.


About DavieO

A 45-yr old (in 2015) guy that is living down south, problem is I'm from New England. Got a wife, three kids (one with autism, the other two are twins (but neither are in curls)), and a dog. We are living the good life, just barely. I'm hoping to use this as a creative outlet, being able to write about things I see, hear, view and like and things going on in my life at that point. Could be about fitness, eating, baseball, football, kids, home, life, cooking (my other creative outlet), and anything else I find amusing, interesting, or just have a few (or many) comments on.
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