This blog is about everything and nothing.  I’m a early 40s dad, son, husband, sports fan, computer freak, internet junkie, hard working former New Englander living in Virginia.  Been married for over 15 years now, have three great kids, number one came along in 2001, number two and three came 1 minute apart in 2004.

My life is pretty routine:

  • Wake up
  • Go to gym
  • Go to work
  • Work
  • Go home
  • Dinner (or depending on the season take kids to sports  or activities)
  • Clean the house or surf the web
  • Go to bed
  • Get up and do it all over again

So I figured I try and break up that routine with something that I can do as a creative outlet.  I’ve planned on starting a blog for the past few years, the other day I just wrote a post about something I read online and it took off from there….I hope you like it…but I really don’t care if you don’t.


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