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Chains are Meant to be Broken

What is it with me and weekends? Last weekend, at the very start of my unbroken chain to build new habits, I got sick and didn’t even really start the chain as planned. I picked it up on Monday and … Continue reading

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Rest day today, wasn’t supposed to be a rest day, but I didn’t get up in time to hit the gym in the AM. Did pack my gear to go later in the morning, but then got an e-mail from … Continue reading

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nothing humble about braggin’

You know what I hate, you know what makes me so mad I want to I want to play pin the tail on the donkey…with a real donkey (In a Earl Pitts voice)? Bragging. I work with a guys that … Continue reading

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Tonight’s dinner – 2 BBQ chicken quarters and cooked kale. Looks yummy doesn’t it. About a year ago I started taking diet and exercise seriously. It took me about 6 months for changes to occur but they finally started. I’ve been … Continue reading

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kid number one

As stated in an earlier post I have three kids. This post is going to be about my oldest, and probably one of the only ones about him. I wanted to write about him briefly because I may make mention … Continue reading

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So I’m at the gym this morning, like every other morning, except today is slightly different. Normally, I have my ear buds in, and my tunes rocking mainly to keep me from hearing the inane conversations. This morning, my iPOD … Continue reading

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my life really is average

So I started this blog as sort of a creative outlet and to comment on things I see around me during my daily life. I’m hoping that I can write everyday or every other day as I go along. When … Continue reading

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